The trick to easily cut Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets come in varying sizes and thicknesses. Most skylight roofing applications would require the sheet to be trimmed or cut, to fit the area perfectly. Many people seem to think that it is difficult to cut polycarbonate roofing panels. That may be true, only if you do not know which appropriate tools can be used on the sheets. The trick is to know the material you are working on so you can determine which tool is appropriate to use. Different tools can be used depending on the type of polycarbonate sheet you need to cut. Check out the following  step-by-step guide on your next requirement:

How to cut polycarbonate sheets

  1. Determine which polycarbonate sheet type is needed to be cut. This will help you choose which tool you can use for the process.  As a guide, here are the tools you can use for these types:

Solid polycarbonate– Grinder

Twin wall polycarbonate– Cutter

Embossed and corrugated polycarbonate– Tin Snip

  1. Prepare the materials before cutting the sheet. You will need the cutting tools, any measuring tool, marker pen, a straight edge tool (to use as a ruler), safety goggles and gloves. 
  2. Wear protective tools like safety goggles and gloves before starting the procedure.  These are imperative to ensure that no one is harmed from the sharp edges or splinters which might come off the material. The gloves are also necessary to keep yourself from scratching the material. 
  3. Do not remove the UV protective film when cutting the sheet. Remove it immediately only after installation. The UV protected film is located on one side of the material so you can easily locate it during installation. 
  4. Measure the required size using the measuring tool and mark it with a pen. Precisely measure the sheet because once it has been cut, it cannot be redone. Using the straight edged tool, connect the marked lines together. 
  5. Place it on a flat surface before cutting.  An uneven surface can affect how it will be cut. Carefully secure the material to keep it from moving when cutting. 
  6. Using the cutting tool, cut the polycarbonate sheet. Ensure that the edges are clean for a seamless finish. Swarfs may enter the twin wall sheet so carefully clean the area and the sheet afterwards. This will also prevent anyone from being accidentally cut or scratched from handling the material. 

A common misconception in cutting polycarbonate sheets is that it is hard. Or cutting it would alter the appearance, reduce the quality, or affect the durability of the material. However, doing so will not only make it easier for you to work with, it also ensures the sheet is a perfect fit to the application to prevent any other problems. You can check this video for a live demonstration of cutting embossed and corrugated sheet. For more information and inquiries, contact Duralon, one of the trusted brands of polycarbonate roof in the Philippines.