Different Ways the Summer Heat can Ruin your Roof

This summer, PAG-ASA declared a staggering heat index of 42-43°C in the Philippines just this April. Because of this reason, many people are more determined to find ways to cool off the heat. Many people opted to stay indoors for safety and comfortability. Others cool off by going to pools and beaches to feel refreshed. While we can find ways to stay off the heat, our home cannot. Roofs, which are directly exposed to the summer heat, cannot. This is the reason why the roofing material must be greatly considered. Here are some ways the summer heat can destroy your roof:

  1. Extreme temperatures can cause the structural integrity to weaken. The continuous movement of expansion and contraction of the roof can weaken the roof eventually. This causes the roof to warp, leaving bare or holed areas, wavering its function and leaving the home susceptible to leaks when the rain comes. 
  2. The UV rays can cause the material to discolor and fade away, losing the visual interest of the roof. The stark difference between old and new roofs can be noticeable in the colors of the roof. While the colors of the roof may look bright and vivid in new roofs, old roofs will look faded, worn down and old. 
  3. Different roofing materials respond to heat in various ways. Nonetheless, all were damaging. The shingles will brittle and weaken because of heat. Fiberglass can build and trap moisture in the sheets because of the fluctuating temperature. 

The good news is, it will take time before the heat can destroy the roof. Durable roofs can last up to 20-50 years even with minimal cleaning and maintenance. Roofs like Polycarbonate skylight roofing combine durability and aesthetics in one. It has multiple applications that are not limited to roofs, such as windows, and other miscellaneous things. 

Duralon offers a variety of polycarbonate types in the Philippines. All these types, whether solid polycarbonate sheet, twin wall polycarbonate, corrugated polycarbonate sheet, or multi wall polycarbonate, are equipped with a UV-resistant layer that keeps it from immediately wearing down from constant exposure to the sun. You can check the Polylite website to see all prices of polycarbonate sheets in the Philippines. When it comes to high quality roofs, only buy from a trusted polycarbonate supplier in the Philippines. Message Duralon now.  

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