How your roof can change the aesthetics of your home

When you look at your roof, do you only see it as a necessary part of the house? While roofs remain one of the fundamental parts of the home, fewer people pay attention to its aesthetics, and how it will look from the passersby. This is because durability and reliability are of greater importance when it comes to roofs. However, with a variety of materials available today, there is no need to compromise one over the other. You can get aesthetics and functionality in one. Below are some things to consider when you want to improve the exterior through the roofs.

1. Roofing Material

While aesthetics is important in roofs, it does not mean that you should consider it more than functionality. Weaker roofs only create substantial damage to property that lowers its value and may cost you a lot through possible repairs and reinstallation. Non durable materials will look older quicker because of continuous exposure to weather changes. Choose a reliable material that can provide you protection, and will perform to its maximum extent. Consider a material that will maintain its sleek appearance for a long time, even with external factors like sun and rain. 

Aside from a variety of features that each roofing material offers, they show a unique charm that will contribute value to your home. For example, metal roofs perfectly match an industrial design style while skylight roofing is a popular option for modern houses. Wood suits a natural or rustic countryside style. Clay tiles will work well in a classic Mediterranean house style. With a variety of options available today, you can combine form and functionality in one material.

2. Roof Design

Through the years, there has been a dynamic change in roof designs. From gabled roofs to hip roofs, to flat roofs, this change in style can be attributed to the changing building codes and is fundamental to civilization. Think of the functionality of your roof. Would you want an extra space in the loft? Would you consider a house with higher ceilings? Do you want to adapt to the neighboring houses near you, or do you want to stand out from the crowd? Is the roof for an additional space in your house (greenhouse, car garage, roof porch)? Another consideration is the climate in your locale. Steep slopes are recommended in places with heavy rain and snow, so it will slide off the roof easily, and not weigh down for longer.

Some roof designs are more apparent in other architectural styles, so make sure to do your research before deciding. Nothing beats the harmony of roof design and the roofing material to the overall look of the home.

3. Roof Color

After the material and functionality of the roof, it is now time for the embellishments in the roof. Think of your roof as a blank canvas that can enhance the curb appearance of your home. When choosing a roof color, remember to choose one that will complement the house’s architectural design. For example, transparent roofs using clear solid polycarbonate sheets will look different from a diffused white twin wall polycarbonate.

Some roofing materials like stone coated roofing exceed color specifications and have textural surfaces that add character to the roof. The bumps, roughness, and asymmetry in roof textures shows a more authentic approach to roof design, which is integral for rustic houses. 

The integration of all these things, along with other finishing works like the soffit, fascia, or the front porch makes up for one great exterior. It adds value to your home, and also shows how great of a care was given to it. Working with a reliable roofing supplier will help you create informed decisions for your exterior. With the right expertise, they will help you decide on the right roofing material for your preferred design style. Duralon is a trusted polycarbonate supplier in the Philippines. Contact us on details regarding different types of polycarbonate, as well as polycarbonate sheet price in the Philippines