Polycarbonate material

Ever considered polycarbonate for your soundproofing? Here’s why you should give it a shot.

Living a quiet life can seem impossible, especially in crowded cities and noisy neighbourhoods. However, even if you plan to outfit your home with soundproofing measures, not all of the options in the market may be to your liking. Conventional soundproofing options will not always meet your needs, whether it pertains to the level of soundproofing, the structural needs of your property, or even the look of your home. If you are looking for a new soundproofing solution that suits your home’s unique needs without compromising the look of your home, read on!

What makes a good sound proof material?

Choosing the right soundproofing for your home really boils down to a few factors.

• Level of Soundproofing Needed

The level of soundproofing you require may depend on your home’s location, as well as your personal uses for it. Is your home or property located in a noisy neighbourhood or beside a busy main road? Are you located next to a hectic build site? Maybe you live near a major transportation hub, or essential services like a hospital? These can all make soundproofing not only a welcome addition but an urgent necessity for productive work days or a good night’s rest.

The level of soundproofing you need can also be dictated by your personal use for it. If you work from home or participate in streaming or online classes, keeping noise out of your home is a must. Keeping noise in can also be a necessity, like when recording your own music or if you enjoy hosting parties at home.

• Structural Specifications

What kind of property are you outfitting with soundproofing?  Is it an indoor office or studio? Or perhaps you need solutions that suit outdoor spaces? It’s important to choose a solution that not only meets the level of your soundproofing needs, but also one that matches the build you are equipping. For example, indoor soundproofing solutions like acoustic foam wedges and panels would not survive harsh weather conditions.

• Aesthetics

Striking a balance between form and function is also an important factor to consider. Even functional soundproofing can become an eyesore if it ruins the look of your home, office, or property. The look of your soundproofing solutions can make or break the look of even the loveliest property, so it is important to choose one that goes with the design of your space.

While there are plenty of options out in the market that cater to one to two of these requirements, there is a soundproofing solution that can tick all three of these boxes: Polycarbonate Soundproofing.

Why Choose Polycarbonate Soundproofing?

High Noise Suppression

Multi Wall Polycarbonate has long been used for its many benefits and versatility. One of its lesser-known benefits is its high level of noise control. Soundproof polycarbonate sheets have been used in noise suppression along major highways and busy roads, especially to afford residential properties and neighbourhoods some peace and quiet. Its widespread use along these major highways is a testament to the high levels of a polycarbonate sheet’s noise reduction capability, making it a versatile choice for your soundproofing needs.

Years of Durability

Conventional soundproofing solutions like foam and cloth need plenty of maintenance and care. With its durability and hardness, soundproof polycarbonate sheets are an excellent choice for any property. Whether used indoors or outdoors, the polycarbonate sheets are tough enough to withstand years of wear and tear with proper maintenance. Maintaining your polycarbonate sheets is easy, cheap, and fuss-free, leaving you to enjoy its noise suppression benefits for many years to come.

Natural Lighting, Without the Heat

Because of its glass-like appearance, polycarbonate sheets shine most in outdoor settings like (1) patios or backyards, where you can entertain guests; (2) soundproof polycarbonate roofs in residential homes, or; (3) even large infrastructures like gymnasiums. With a very high light transmission rate, you can achieve the benefits of both soundproofing and natural light without the piercing heat of the sun and compromising the look of your property.

Soundproofing solutions do not have to look bad. Choose a soundproofing solution that delivers high-level and effective noise suppression, without the need for intensive and expensive maintenance. Choose polycarbonate as your soundproofing material of choice!