Which Polycarbonate Roof Color should you choose?

Is color really an important consideration in your skylight roof? Choosing the right skylight roof color is not the same as choosing the color you will dress up for the day. Most of the time, your outfit choices are dependent on your mood, or your favorite color. However, there are more external factors to consider when choosing your roof color, especially for large applications where replacement will take years.

But which should you choose? Consider the following items in choosing the right color:

  1. Polycarbonate Material- Before deciding on the color, determine the type of polycarbonate suitable to your application. There are different colors for each type so put this in your first consideration and your choices will be narrowed down.

Duralon offers the following colors for each type of polycarbonate sheet:

Aside from the type of polycarbonate used, transparency and light transmission differ depending on the thickness of the material. For example, a 6mm bronze polycarbonate has less transparency than a 2mm bronze polycarbonate. Clear sheets may provide you the optimum lighting, while tinted or darker shades may provide you privacy.

  1. Location- Where will the polycarbonate roof be placed? The location and type of application for the polycarbonate also determines which color you should choose. You have the freedom to choose more colors if the area of application is shaded. Otherwise, decide how transparent you want your polycarbonate roof to be.
  1. Lighting- The general rule is this: the more light that enters the structure, the warmer it will be. This means that transparent polycarbonates, which allow a higher percentage of light transmission, will also allow more heat. Darker and thicker polycarbonates, which allow less light, will simultaneously get less heat. The effects of natural lighting on your structure differ at different times of the day. Think about how much light you want to enter the structure.
  1. Scope- The scope of the application also has a huge impact on what color you should decide for the skylight roof. For large commercial applications, where there is more traffic, it is better to choose colored sheets to reduce heat transmission. Some people opt to use transparent sheets for smaller applications, to aid in light transmission in the day, without letting too much heat.
  1. Aesthetics- Depending on your design style and choices, you can complement the overall look of your home, or create a striking contrast. The roof makes up a lot of your exterior and has a psychological effect on passers-by, so the visual appeal of the roof is just as important.

Remember that more than the color of your skylight roof, it is more important to consider the quality of the roof, as well as the right installation of the material. After all, the color, more often than not, does not affect the price of the roof. Choose the right polycarbonate supplier for trusted quality that can improve your home’s exterior and efficiency. Contact us now.