Why it is Important to Maintain my Skylight Roofing

One of the main features of polycarbonate aside from its durability, is its transparent, aesthetic features. The skylight roofing allows natural light into the space, illuminating it, and therefore enhancing the look, whether it is a residential or commercial place. This is one of the reasons why the use of polycarbonate is popular these days. However, like all roofs exposed to all kinds of elements outside, skylight roofing is subjected to daily tremor and being worn down. Although polycarbonate is also known as a less maintenance roof, it does not mean being free entirely from the hard work. Easy and quick maintenance is still necessary to keep its pristine glory.

Although durable, skylight roofs are not scratch resistant so proper care is necessary when cleaning it. For safety measures, do not step directly on the roof as it is slippery and may cause accidents. Do not use any type of brush (soft or hard bristle), nor cloth or any garment, to clean the roof. Pressurized water is enough to maintain your roof. Let the roof air dry rather than using a cloth to get rid of the excess water. Remember that cleaning the polycarbonate roof is not done frequently. Clean when you notice that the roof is faring visibility. Cleaning and maintenance is also particularly important after a storm or any particular weather disturbance.  For a more detailed explanation for cleaning the roof, you may watch this video.

The charm of skylight roofing lies in its transparent properties that enhance the space through the use of natural light. For a seamless material, the use of solid polycarbonate is recommended. However, for budgetary constraints, you may also use other types like twin wall polycarbonate, corrugated polycarbonate sheet, and embossed and corrugated. Duralon is a trusted polycarbonate supplier in the Philippines, with multiple varieties available for your disposal. You can find this brand in all Polylite stores nationwide. Check the official Polylite site to check Duralon polycarbonate sheet price in the Philippines or you may contact us for more information.