polycarbonate roof

Polycarbonate roof costs are a must know if you’re considering polycarbonate for your project!

For most newbie property developers and builders, polycarbonate roofing isn’t the first option that comes to mind when you think of ‘affordable roofing material.’ After all, polycarbonate roof costs may seem more expensive compared to other conventional roofing options in the market. However, when it comes to construction and development projects, there is more to cost effective roofing than just raw cost. Polycarbonate sheet may cost a little more than your usual galvanized aluminum sheet, one of the most typical roofing materials in the Philippines, but the qualities of galvanized aluminum pale in comparison to the many pros of polycarbonate roofing in the long run and under pressure. Here are three factors that you should weigh when picking out the best cost effective roofing for your project and why it should be polycarbonate.


Your first choice of affordable roofing material may seem heavier and denser, but do not be misled. The weight of your material does not equate to strength! Despite being heavier than polycarbonate roofing, common metallic options like galvanized aluminum or steel sheeting are more prone to breakage, warping, and corrosion in the long run. Aluminum roofing is prone to denting and warping because of its lower fatigue limit — a property it shares with steel. Whether due to repeated force, such as a stray rock or a tree branch that fell, or even due to sudden temperature changes, cost effective roofing made with metallic alloys are more likely to show signs of wear and tear from very early on.

On the other hand, polycarbonate is a polymer material, which means that regardless of thermal and physical stressors, the material remains relatively stable and inert. With two types of durable options in the market, polycarbonate is a strong candidate for cost effective roofing. A solid polycarbonate roof is two hundred times stronger than commercial glass, making way for natural light inside your home. On the other hand, corrugated polycarbonate sheets also make for excellent roofing due to its adjustable light transmission to suit your needs. While not as strong as solid polycarbonate, it is lighter, less prone to leakage and more affordable!


In a tropical country like ours, having cost effective roofing that you can depend on is extremely important. Metallic roofs, which are the most common type in the Philippines, can either be too hot, risking heat retention and even possible melting, or too cool or damp, risking rust or warping. In a country like ours where there is a constant back and forth between the two, the risks of faster corrosion and warping is unavoidable. Especially in the rainy monsoon seasons, roofing leaks are a reality we must contend with. Because of the natural tendency to rust and degrade with exposure to moisture, what you save on raw cost early on may cost you a lot in repairs and maintenance in the long run.

When low-quality metallic roofing is subjected to high heat, you also run the risk of heat retention, turning a room into an oven during the hottest time of day. Heat and cold both contribute to its gradual degrading, asking the question of when, not if. Covering one hole in your metallic roof with sealant is one thing, but redoing the whole roof entirely is an expense that you DON’T want to be shouldering. Prevent this from happening by opting for cost effective polycarbonate roofing from the get-go of your project instead.


Aluminum has an extremely high melting point. This means that it can be quite costly to have it molded and shaped if this were to be your roofing of choice. If you are going for a specific look, err on the side of caution and cost-effectivity by opting for polycarbonate roofing. Polycarbonate is perfect for customized looks in hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions due to its high customizability. Simply ask your polycarbonate supplier and inquire about cold bending to fit the design you want for your installation. Create an impressive focal point for your property without spending thousands of pesos just to get your desired look by choosing affordable roofing material that combines form and function.

With these three factors in mind, any new developer would think twice about sticking to metallic mainstays. Seasoned veterans in development, manufacturing, and construction swear by the cost-effectivity, longevity, and durability of polycarbonate. Set your project up for success by adding polycarbonate roof costs to your construction budget and reap the benefits for many years to come by getting in touch with one of the country’s most experienced polycarbonate suppliers.