twin wall polycarbonate

Use twin wall polycarbonate sheets in your project today!

When it comes to construction, there are a handful of materials that many builders and contractors trust because of their many applications and their longevity. Among these, polycarbonate never fails to exceed a client’s expectations due to its wide variety of benefits that go beyond just structural integrity. Read on and discover the benefits of twin wall polycarbonate panels that may come in handy for your next project!

Cost Efficient Natural Lighting

Save money on lighting and electricity by using polycarbonate sheets on your project. Using polycarbonate roofing sheets is a great way to minimize expenses because of its excellent light transmission. Its anti-UV coating filters out 100% of harmful UV rays but at the same time, gives it the ability to safely let in gorgeous natural light. Unfiltered sunlight is harsh and glaring, and can potentially cause lasting skin and eye damage. By bringing in twin wall polycarbonate panels, you can hit two birds with one stone. Spare yourself from spending on electricity consumption and possible medical bills by switching to polycarbonate.

Recommended Uses

Substitute regular roofing materials with twin wall polycarbonate sheets in the following places:

  • Patio or Lanai: Entertain guests all day long under beautiful blue skies with clear, environmentally-friendly roofing materials that let the light in while protecting them from UV rays.
  • Outdoor Stadiums and Gymnasiums: Most sports work best in a real outdoor setting. Set up your sports stadium or gymnasium in a way that it shields everyone from the harsh elements and unbearable heat due to the air insulation within a twin wall polycarbonate sheet– all while keeping the natural glow of sunshine on the game.
  • Roof decks: Whether you use your roof deck as extra entertainment space, a home workout area, or maybe even an urban garden, you can safely enjoy the additional space, cool air and pleasant atmosphere, and let your plants get their daily dose of sunshine with polycarbonate roofing.

Flexibility for Easy Customization

Coming in a variety of colors and sizes, twin wall polycarbonate panels are a great choice for creative showpieces and architectural design elements. If you want to create an impressive installation in your hotel, outdoor function room, or even a restaurant, polycarbonate is the way to go. Because of the material’s high flexibility when cold bent, it can be used to create stunning architectural features that give any structure an impressive and picture perfect focal point.

If you want design and customization applied to your twin wall polycarbonate installation, get in touch with a trusted polycarbonate supplier that can work with your concept and bring your idea to life.

Recommended Uses

  • Tourist Attractions: Whether you run a hotel or a restaurant at a scenic tourist destination like a skyline or a beach, a twin wall polycarbonate panel fit into a curved wall or a dome makes for a breathtaking site. You can even offer this special venue up for private reservations and unique dining experiences for your guests to enjoy.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Whether you are making something as simple as a waiting shed or as big as an outdoor function space, creating a curved roof is both practical and pleasing to the eyes.
  • Skylights: Give your home or office building a unique feature by creating a curved skylight. Not only does it lend your structure a touch of artistry and ambiance, but it also provides natural lighting in an otherwise dimly-lit hall.

Weatherproof Building Protection

Twin wall polycarbonate sheets are stronger than average commercial glass because of its layered structure—a testament to the material’s durability and hardiness. Aside from being a more durable substitute to this common construction material, twin wall polycarbonate panels are also great for weatherproofing your structure. Whether you simply want to give yourself more peace of mind when taking shelter from the storm or you want to create a structure that can survive the harsh monsoon rains in the region, you can count on twin wall polycarbonate to survive the Philippine weather.

Recommended Uses

  • Windows: Swap out ordinary glass from your windows and use twin wall polycarbonate panels instead to give your family and the inside of your home some added protection against most natural elements.
  • Storm Panels: Philippine weather is notoriously harsh and unpredictable due to its tropical climate. Twin wall polycarbonate sheets have long been used as storm covers and hurricane shutters. Equip your home, office building, or business with storm panels that can shelter you from rain, hail, or even debris from extreme and rare weather conditions like hurricanes. Unlike steel or wood, polycarbonate does not corrode when exposed to moisture or other elements, making this a solution that can last a long time.
  • Greenhouses: Many gardeners and farmers count on their plants and crops for their livelihood. Like any good businessman, protecting your goods from harsh weather and animals will help you maximize income and prevent any losses. Keep your finances intact by investing in a twin wall polycarbonate sheet greenhouse that protects the plants from the elements while allowing for air circulation.

If any of these applications sound like they would make a good addition to project an existing structure, explore the different twin wall polycarbonate sheets for sale in the market to find one that best suits your needs. This material comes in many different sizes, levels of thickness, and colors, so it is important to work with a good polycarbonate supplier that can provide the best materials according to your specifications. Switch to twin wall polycarbonate for a building solution that is attractive, functional, and long-lasting!