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Discover the best transparent roofing sheet for your Glasshouse project!

Nothing brightens up a home like the warm glow of natural light. Most residential architectural designs have large, floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceilings, and even skylights to let in the ethereal effect of sunshine using transparent roof material. These features make homes brighter and more comfortable to live in. But while sunshine makes the house pleasant, making sure it gets in may involve a lot of decision-making. The perfect balance of temperature and safety from harmful UV rays are among the things to consider, on top of the cost and efficiency. But don’t give up on your dreams of a sunny home just yet! Achieve your dream home, if not better, with the gorgeous look of a glasshouse.

What is a Glasshouse?

Glasshouses are a trendy home aesthetic that have taken social media platforms and architectural designs by storm. Marked by its sunny and simple structure that evokes feelings of nature, light, and airiness, a glasshouse lets in a ton of natural sunlight because of its clear walls, large windows, and transparent roof materials used. Whether used as a single element, such as a skylight, to brighten up a more solid and conventional house structure, or combined to create a breezy home, these features can make for a lively and bright abode that marries the protection of a shelter and the proximity to nature.

What materials can I use to achieve the look of a Glasshouse?

While there are a variety of options in the market for clear windows and doors, one surefire way to achieve the delicate look of a Glasshouse is to make use of transparent roofing sheets. Clear roofing materials create a natural, lit-from-outside atmosphere to your home while allowing memorable views of breathtaking sunsets and magical nights under the stars. 

To capture the aesthetic of a Glasshouse, we have compiled a short list of potential materials you can consider for the project!

Glass Roofing

As the namesake of the design trend, glass would seem like the obvious choice for creating a glasshouse look or incorporating some of its elements. Glass lends a classy and polished look to any structure, for a reasonable price. Depending on the glass quality you source, you can create a durable structure that allows for stunning natural lighting.

The downside to using glass would be its costly labor, high maintenance fees, and its potential to absorb and transmit heat and reflect light. To the outside world, your home would look like a glittering masterpiece. But depending on your tinting options, the space may turn very hot during long and warm summers as heat and harmful UV rays get into your house.

Clear PVC Roofing

Also known as Polyvinyl Chloride Roofing, clear PVC has long been used in construction. Usually available in single-ply sheeting, PVC roofing is a common favorite among building managers for its durability, weather-resistance, and low material and maintenance cost.

However, there is a catch. PVC may be a good option in locations with fair weather and cool temperatures. But in countries like the Philippines, unfortunately, clear PVC’s single-ply affords little to no protection from the prickly heat. This can make your home unbearable especially during summer.

Transparent Polycarbonate Roofing

While more expensive than glass and PVC roofing, transparent polycarbonate sheets can be considered the best choice — especially when factoring in the overall long-term cost. It marries the classy, clear look of glass with the low-cost maintenance, durability and weather resistance of PVC roofing. Solid polycarbonate sheets are 200 times stronger than common glass and 10 times stronger than tempered glass. This material is considered virtually unbreakable, providing a significant boost in security and safety, especially during earthquakes. It also has a built-in UV filter for you to enjoy the warm glow of natural sunlight without the dangers of harmful UV rays and the discomfort due to heat transmission.

As a material that brings the best of both glass and clear PVC roofing, transparent polycarbonate is a worthy investment that will save you a lot of money on maintenance and repairs in the long run. This makes it a strong choice for transparent roofing, walls, window panes, dramatic skylights, and even awnings for your dream glasshouse. 

Include this material in your dream home or other projects by getting in touch with a dependable polycarbonate supplier. Smooth transactions and after sales service guaranteed, like maintenance tips that can prolong your polycarbonate roofing for many years to come!