Decorating your Skylight Roof this Christmas

If there’s one thing that excites people this holiday more than the gifts and the celebrations, it’s decorating. People tend to do more decorating inside the home, but let’s not forget the exteriors. It adds appeal to the home, extending the holidays even to passersby.  Now the question is, how do you keep it safe and easy so as to not ruin the fun of the holidays?

There are a lot of ways you can decorate your exterior, but the most common is probably hanging Christmas lights on your  front porch or your roof. When hanging the Christmas lights, the first concern is safety. It goes for both the installer and the roof. Here are some things to remember when decorating your roof. 

1. Remember to check the status of your roof before decorating.

Make sure that the material of your roof is suitable for your Christmas lights or is a great heat insulator that will not easily cause fire nor will help it spread. When installing, it is best to not staple or put holes directly on to the roof for the lights to hang. This will ensure that the roof will still remain watertight even after all the installations. 

2. Check the quality of the decoration you plan to hang.

If you plan to hang Christmas lights on your roof, make sure that this is safe for the materials in your roof, and that they are suitable for outdoor use. A little note, make sure to choose a material that’s cost-efficient and energy saving. You do not want to empty your pockets this Christmas season!

3. Avoid putting large and heavy decorations on your roof.

If you’re thinking about putting a big Santa and all his reindeers on it, make sure that you can take care of its logistics- from the installation to deconstructing, to cleaning up the roof. Make sure that it can hold its weight against strong winds or rain. If it’s too much of a hassle to you, you might need to think twice.

4. Avoid walking on the roof.

Roofs like skylight roofing can be slippery due to the weather and the material, so make sure to avoid walking directly on its surface. Not only will it put you in danger, the roof may also be damaged and cracked because it is not made to bear human weight. Use a ladder if you intend to hang lights on to your roof, and make sure you have a spot watcher to hold the ladder while you install. 

5. Consider other places you can decorate other than the roof.

Christmas decorations on your front porch look just as lovely as the lights you hang on the roof, with much less risk and maintenance. There are various ways you can decorate your curb for the holidays. You can add lantern lights, put wreaths on the windows, or hang lanterns to keep that Filipino tradition alive. 

Skylight roofs look great on the front porch, in pergolas, and are a wonderful addition to your exterior. But is it safe to decorate and play around it? The answer is yes! Skylight roofs with polycarbonate as a material are fire resistant, which prevents fire from starting and spreading. Just remember the guidelines above when working with your roof. Remember that while Christmas decorating is a fun and festive time, nothing is worth the risk of your safety! 

With all these guidelines, it is best to consult a trusted local polycarbonate supplier in assessing the risks in your home. Duralon is a trusted brand of polycarbonate in the Philippines. You can buy Duralon polycarbonate sheets in all Polylite stores nationwide. You can choose among the selection of different types and colors (solid polycarbonate, twin wall polycarbonate, corrugated polycarbonate sheets, etc) You can check more on its applications and uses by messaging us on any of our social media pages.