5 ways to Check the Polycarbonate’s Quality

Quality materials ensure the product’s longevity and effectiveness in performing its function, and also the basis for most consumers’ decision of whether or not they will buy the product. Quality checking is usually done by companies to adhere to the standard quality required by their respective industries. For skylight roofing, for example, having quality materials ensure the durability of the application. As a buyer, here are some easy features to spot in polycarbonate sheets to help you determine the quality of your polycarbonate. 

1. Packaging

The presence of the protective film on the surface sheet not only keeps the sheet from accumulation of dirt and scratches, it also allows you to easily identify the UV protection layer. It is also where you can usually see the product features, the brand, and the batch number for the manufacturer to identify. Properly labeled materials are informative, and determines the manufacturer’s quality control and production process.

2. Price

Compare the price of all polycarbonates from different suppliers. Ask regarding the features of the product. As the saying goes, you get what you pay. Cheap prices don’t easily translate to good quality. Recommendations from friends and product reviews help you determine the quality of the product in action.

3. UV Protective Layer

The UV protective layer protects the material from suffering the consequences of long exposure from the sun. It keeps the material from yellowing and ruining its appearance, keeping it pristine and neat for years to come. The most important function is the protection it provides to the people under the buildings equipped with polycarbonate.  It cannot be usually seen by the naked eye. Suppliers use an optical microscope aided with a UV lamp to help check the UV layer. When seen under a microscope, the color of the UV layer is violet. The standard UV layer thickness of each polycarbonate sheet should be in the range of 30 to 40 microns. 

4. Transparency

Optimum clarity and transparency is one of the most important features of a polycarbonate sheet. Aside from the color, check for visible scratches or discoloration. This will tell you about the handling and material used for the sheet. Polycarbonate sheets made of raw material are void of yellowing and uneven colors which are extremely visible in the sheets.

5. Thickness

Polycarbonate sheets available in the market range in different thickness options from 1.5mm to 12mm. With a quick measuring tool like a caliper, you can easily check if the supplier provides the right material you bought. 

Duralon is a trusted brand of quality polycarbonate sheets available in different types: solid polycarbonate, twin wall polycarbonate, and embossed and corrugated polycarbonate sheet. Ensuring the quality of these products is also developing the consumer’s loyalty and trust in the company. Quality materials are prominently evident in construction, where stability and durability is important. Duralon is available in all Polylite stores nationwide. With 20 years in the industry, Polylite is one of the leading polycarbonate suppliers in the Philippines. You may contact us for more information.