Why Choose Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets?

What are corrugated polycarbonate sheets?

Ever wondered why roofs commonly adapt the wavy shape? The round, wavy shape better known as corrugation, is proven important in strengthening the material. In fact, the corrugated shape cannot only be found on roofs, but in more practical applications as part of our daily living, including cardboard boxes and corduroy pants. The corrugation in boxes used in packaging keeps it strong and durable and makes it more impact resistant, as compared to flat boards. The corrugated shape helps in providing a cushion to the material advantageous for long deliveries and continuous transfers. 

Corrugated Roofs have the typical round, wavy shape. They do not differ far from the usual roofing structures, except for their shape. Like most roofs, they provide the necessary protection against weather elements. It is commonly lightweight, but do not mistake it for having a flimsy support. Like most roofs, it is durable and allows easier installation. The corrugated shape helps for easier transportation since they can be stacked altogether and overlapped in assembly.

Why should you use corrugated polycarbonate sheets?

Corrugated roofs can be used in several applications. It can be used in places where large mobilization is needed such as warehouses and factories, in commercial walkways, and garage and carports. It can also be used in other residential or commercial structures and in other industries like agriculture and manufacturing. For small scale applications, installing corrugated roofs is fairly easy. Polycarbonate, a UV resistant material that is also 250 times stronger than glass, makes it the perfect roof for the Philippine weather. Corrugated polycarbonate sheets have an S or wave shaped structure that is also a durable material for both residential and commercial areas. The shape also makes it a flexible design to any application, including vertical cladding.  

Polycarbonate sheets

Where can Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets be bought?

Corrugated polycarbonate roofs are cost-effective and are available in different colors like clear, bronze, blue, and green. If you are looking for a trusted supplier of polycarbonate roofs in the Philippines, choose Duralon. You can visit our site to check the price of corrugated polycarbonate sheets and the available size and color options. You can also check the site to find the nearest branches near you. For more details about polycarbonate and skylight roofing, contact us. 

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