Why Use Solid Polycarbonate Sheets?

What are solid polycarbonate sheets?

Solid polycarbonate is one type of polycarbonate characterized by a solid, flat, and transparent surface, commonly compared to glass. Its design capability is suitable for modern houses, if you want to create a space with comfortable lighting. It is as stylish as it is strong and rigid, for a long-lasting skylight roofing.

Solid polycarbonate is a great option if you want to utilize a space for other purposes. Not only does it raise the value of your home, it also makes room for functional spaces like greenhouses, carports, conservatory, terraces, and canopies. 

Why should you use solid polycarbonate roofs?

Compared to other types of polycarbonate, solid sheets have a flat surface that do not have a hollow lining. This gives the solid sheet an advantage in terms of strength and light transmission. Like other types however, it has the same polycarbonate features like UV-resistance, weather resistance, high impact resistance, excellent light transmission, high heat resistance, lightweightness, and durability. 

Solid polycarbonate sheets are exceptionally lightweight and durable, which makes it a popular choice for other applications apart from skylight roofing. For example, race car windows use solid sheets because it has greater flexibility to modify performance upgrades and durability to prevent injuries during hard on collisions or injuries. They are used as a functional upgrade that looks stylish and aesthetic. Solid sheets are also used as sound barriers to mitigate noise pollution to residential areas near highways and lessen concerns about 

During extreme weather conditions, solid polycarbonate is perfectly capable of lasting for years without fading, discoloration, and deformation. The UV-resistant layer keeps it from yellowing under constant exposure to the sun. Because of this reason, it is commonly used in greenhouses, to allow optimum light for plants to grow, without the harmful effects of UV radiation. Using a solid sheet also limits the proliferation of moss and algae in the sheet which ruins the overall appearance. This is because this type does not have a hollow space where moisture can be trapped.

Where can Solid Polycarbonate Sheets be bought?

Solid polycarbonates are available in different colors like clear, bronze, blue, and green. The thickness of the sheet ranges from 1.5 mm to 10mm. Duralon is a trusted polycarbonate supplier in the Philippines. Other than solid sheet, Duralon offers different types of polycarbonate like embossed and corrugated sheet and twin wall polycarbonate. It is available in all Polylite stores nationwide. You can check our website to look for the branch nearest to your location and the updated solid polycarbonate sheet price for your next purchase.  For more information about polycarbonate and skylight roofing, contact us. 

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