Why Use Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheets?

What are twin wall polycarbonate sheets?

Twin wall sheets are easily recognizable because of their structure. It is one type of multiwall polycarbonate sheet with a construction of two plastics connected together with vertical channels using the same material. Like other types of multiwall sheets (2-wall, 3-wall, X structure, honeycomb, and 4-wall construction), it is relatively lightweight but strong, because of the tensile strength brought by the vertical lines. Although it has spaces in between it does not compromise strength and stability of the structure. 

Since the twin wall sheets have hollow spaces in between, the installation guide for the material is slightly different from other polycarbonate types. To prevent water and other elements from seeping through the spaces, blanking tape must be used at the top of the sheet together with the aluminum flat bar, while breathing tape is installed at the bottom. This creates a tight seal impenetrable to dust and water. Twin wall sheets are slightly cheaper than solid polycarbonate because of their structure. 

Why should you use twin wall polycarbonate roofs?

Like all types of polycarbonate sheet, twin wall polycarbonate is weather and UV resistant, which allows it to perform to its optimal condition for a long time. It is relatively lightweight, for easier transportation and installation. With a variety of color options available, it is suited for modern home applications such as skylight roofing, greenhouse, and enclosure without worrying much about the aesthetic. For extreme weather conditions, twinwall sheets are strong enough to withstand other elements. 

One strong feature of twin wall sheets which distinguishes it apart from other types of polycarbonate is its excellent thermal insulation properties. The ribbed structure traps air inside to allow hot air to cool down before entering the interior spaces. This keeps the ambient temperature of the room and minimizes the use of excessive cooling or heating appliances. This in return allows you to save electricity. In other countries where snow occurs, it stops the heat from inside the home to escape causing the room to remain warm during winter. 

Where can Twin wall Polycarbonate Sheets be bought?

You can buy Duralon twin wall polycarbonate sheets in all Polylite stores nationwide. With over 38 branches nationwide,  Polylite is one the leading suppliers of polycarbonate in the Philippines. Duralon twin wall sheets are available in different colors like clear, bronze, blue, orange, and green. The thickness ranges from 4mm to 10mm. Check the official Polylite website for the prices of twin wall polycarbonate sheets and learn more about the Polylite branches near you. For more information about polycarbonate and skylight roofing, contact us.

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