Why Use Embossed and Corrugated Polycarbonate?

What are embossed and corrugated polycarbonate sheets?

Compared to corrugated polycarbonate sheets, embossed and corrugated sheets have a flat surface in between the corrugation. The height of the corrugation in embossed and corrugated sheet is also less than the corrugated sheet as shown in the photo below:

Embossed and Corrugated Sheet
Corrugated Sheet

Because of its unique look, it is a popular choice for aesthetic installations both in residential and commercial purposes. The exceptional transparency, along with its unique corrugation, are featured in some of our best installations. Embossed and corrugated sheets are stacked in rolls, so you can buy the desired length of the sheet without much excess as compared to other types of polycarbonate which are usually sold in 4’x8’ sheets. 

Why should you use  embossed and corrugated polycarbonate roofs?

Embossed and corrugated sheets bear the same features of all types of polycarbonate. It is durable although it has lesser thickness than others. It has a UV-protection layer to keep its pristine look even when exposed in the sun for periods of time. If you are leaning towards having a tight budget but still want an aesthetically pleasing skylight, embossed and corrugated is the best choice. It is high impact resistant and lasts for a long time without breaking or discoloration. 

As mentioned above, embossed and corrugated polycarbonate is sold in meters and extends up to 50m in rolls which makes it convenient for shipping and installation. It is best used in similar applications like walkways and passages, where the length of the polycarbonate matters. It can be used in a variety of applications including skylight roofing, greenhouses, residential houses, swimming pool covers, hospital or school pathways, botanical gardens, etc. It has a lesser bending radius than multiwall polycarbonate sheets, so you can use it for several curved applications. 

Since polycarbonate is a plastic material, there are risks associated with the buildup of static electricity. Fortunately, embossed and corrugated sheets have an antistatic function to prevent sudden sparks, which may lead to life-threatening circumstances. It also uses limited polycarbonate accessories so leakage or growth of molds, as a result of trapped moisture is not a problem.  

Where can  embossed and corrugated polycarbonate sheets be bought?

Polylite, one of the leading polycarbonate suppliers in the Philippines, offers a variety of polycarbonate types in different sizes and colors so you can have many options by going in only one shop. From twin wall sheets, solid sheets, corrugated polycarbonate, to embossed and corrugated polycarbonate, you can choose which one will suit your application best. Duralon embossed and corrugated sheets are available in clear, bronze, white, red, blue, and green colors. It is 1.08 and 1.215 long with a thickness of 1.2mm. You can check the official Polylite site to check the prices of all polycarbonate types and check the Polylite branches nearest to your site. You may also contact us for more information. 

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