Why Use Multiwall Polycarbonate?

What are multiwall polycarbonate sheets?

Multiwall polycarbonate sheet, like twin wall polycarbonate, has multi layered polycarbonate sheets joined together by vertical columns with the same material. One distinct characteristic between multiwall and twinwall is the number of plastic sheets. While a multiwall has multiple sheets combined together, a twin wall has two sheets connected together, based on its name.  

The thickness of multiwall polycarbonate sheets extends up to 35mm, the thickest among all types of polycarbonate. Because of this reason, multiwall is commonly used in large-scale applications like gymnasiums, hospital roofs, conservatories, sports stadiums, and greenhouses. It bears the same features with all other types of polycarbonate, which makes it superior to other skylight roofing materials. 

Why should you use multiwall polycarbonate roofs?

There are several features that multiwall has that are slightly better than some other types of polycarbonate. Because of the several hollow spaces in between the multiwall sheets, it has slightly better insulation than twin wall sheets. This regulates the temperature of the structure to keep the area from being too hot or too cold during the winter or summer. With better roof insulation, you also save both energy and money. Moreover, multi wall sheets have better sound resistance than other types of its counterparts.  Better sound insulation is important in today’s building structures since it adds value to the building itself, and safeguards the well-being of everyone occupying the space. 

In addition to all these, a multiwall sheet is a rigid material that stands undaunted against strong storms, strong winds, and snow. Because of the UV coating, the multiwall sheet is also a strong material that keeps it clear and pristine against the scorching heat.  It has a UV protection layer that  prevents the roof from yellowing and discoloration, to protect it in its service life. Although it is light in weight, it is impact resistant and can last for up to 15 years. Truly a strong material without the difficulty of transportation and installation.  

Where can multiwall polycarbonate sheets be bought?

Now that we have finished listing down and discussing all types of polycarbonates, it is up for you to decide which among these is better suited for your application. With a variety of polycarbonate in different types, colors, and thicknesses, choosing among these is still dependent on your budget, the area of application, and which feature you prioritize the most. You may favor optimum transparency to achieve an aesthetic skylight roofing, which would make you choose a clear, solid polycarbonate. You may also opt for a slightly less pricey roof for your carport, which makes twin wall polycarbonate a viable option. Read our guide on choosing polycarbonate sheets to help you better in choosing a long lasting roof.

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