Location Matters in Skylight Roofs

Location matters most in our big decisions in life. Location matters when choosing a place to work, when choosing a place to live, and even when placing a tree in the interior to ensure luck and fortune in the household. Even moreso, in construction works and home improvement, where placing each piece of the home strategically matters. Location matters in deciding the right color to use in the living room, on which side to put the kitchen area, and lastly, location matters in skylight roofing installation.

In determining the right location for your skylight roof, consider the following factors::

1. Direction of the Sun

The skylight roof’s optimum transparency might be a problem if the location is facing north because it means that you will reap the bright sunlight all day, all year round, which can increase heat inside the home, leading to higher energy consumption. Others strategically place their skylight roof on the opposite side of the sunlight, or in places shaded by a tree or a building.

2. Ease of Installation

The home’s structural integrity should be greatly considered when reconstructing the home. Although most skylight roofing materials are lightweight, it is important to assess the structural component where you plan to install the skylight roofing to determine if the material is fit to the structure, is able to handle its own weight, and perform under normal conditions.

3. Personal Preference

Some people prefer to let in more light to maximize the roof’s transparency and usage of natural light, while others prefer to just use it as an accent to their home for aesthetic reasons, elevating its look, and raising its value. Regardless of the purpose of installing a skylight roof, the best way is to ask a roofing contractor’s opinion in which location is best for the skylight roofing. Determining the right location for your skylight roof is important to avoid unnecessary problems which may arise from wrongful and haphazardly done construction. Most importantly, choosing the right material will determine the quality of your roof, and ensure that it gets the maximum life expectancy possible.  Polycarbonate roof is one of the most popular choices for skylights because it is durable, weather resistant, and impact resistant. It is 250 times stronger than glass, which credits its longevity and ease of use. Available in multiple profiles, polycarbonate has the right variation suited for your application. Choose among twin wall polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate, rib-type profile, and corrugated polycarbonate sheet. Duralon is a trusted brand of polycarbonate which you can find in all Polylite stores nationwide. For polycarbonate sheet price in the Philippines, visit the official Polylite website. Contact us for more information.