Reasons Why your Roof Age Faster

The life expectancy of the roof differs depending on the material used. But all roofs are subjected to the same factors that can cause the roof to wear down and age faster.  While you can’t prevent the roof from aging, there are some ways to take care of the roof better. The first step is to know the material well, and know some reasons why the roof may age faster. Here are some reasons why your roof can age faster. 

1. Varying Weather Conditions

Roofs wear down quickly if exposed to weather disturbances several times a year. Roofs that are compromised by either the harsh heat of the sun, rain and moisture, or even strong winds are bound to look older than roofs that are installed in areas with less weather disturbances. Aside from physical damages on the roof itself, the sun can also affect it visually through discoloration. Other roofs employ a special type of coating to improve its protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays. Roofs like polycarbonate skylight roofing have a UV protective coating to keep it from discoloration and faster aging. 

2. Improper Installation

Contrary to one may think, improper installation can cause more damage. Because it serves as the home’s protection, faults and damages on the roof can largely affect the home, making it exposed, leading to structural damages in the long run. Faulty installation can not only cost you more, it also adds to the stress and uncertainty in times of calamity. 

3. Roof Contamination

Exposure to rain and moisture can lead to mold and algal growth, which, if not prevented, can cause the roof to break down and rot. Molds are tricky and risky because they can be invisible at first glance, and they also spread quickly into the different parts of the home, including the siding, walls, ceilings, flashings, and other building components. Not only can they affect the entire structure, it poses a health risk to the people living in the area. 

4. Failed Maintenance

While most roofs are less maintained, it is still important to inspect the roof every now and then, especially before and after a storm. Proper roof inspection saves a myriad of  problems. It detects when to clean the gutters, when a shingle needs to be replaced, when a roof needs minor repairs, and alerts you of possible wear and tear on the shingle or flashing.  

All roofs are subjected to daily tremors because they are constantly exposed to outside elements. This is the reason why choosing a good and appropriate roof to your place, making preventive measures, and adapting quickly to possible problems are important to make sure that the roof lives up to its life expectancy to the fullest. Duralon is a leading brand of polycarbonate roof in the Philippines which offers all kinds of polycarbonate types like solid polycarbonate, twin wall polycarbonate, and corrugated polycarbonate sheet for all kinds of applications. For more information, you can contact Polylite, the trusted polycarbonate supplier in the Philippines.